Episode 11 – Asian American Voices Fighting COVID-19 Hate with Nydia Han

Show Notes

On This Episode:

  • In the SituAsian Room, Emilie, and Zach welcome Nydia Han to talk about the power of our voices as Asian Americans during the coronavirus era, standing against hate, being forever foreigners, and her signature series #ThisIsAmerica. Nydia Han is an Emmy award-winning television journalist and the creator of #ThisIsAmerica, a social media movement and three-part documentary series about racism. 

Introduction Topics:

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • Nydia’s path to sharing her voice and becoming a journalist
  • Being an activist for the Asian American community after being yelled at “This Is America!” leading her to start her docuseries #ThisIsAmerica
  • The importance of talking about who we are as Asian Americans
  • Being a forever foreigner/perpetual foreigner
  • The Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA)
  • Why to speak up when Asian Americans are attacked

“Be proud of who you are. You are American and you are Asian American and you belong in this country and that is not something you have to fight for that is simply a right that you have.”

Nydia Han
  • Confronting people leaving hate comments in #ThisIsAmerican
  • Talking to people who are different than us gives us the opportunity for people to better understand our community instead of just preaching to the choir
  • Nydia’s upbringing and her journey to understanding her identity

Short Reflection

In a time where anti-Asian rhetoric infused with the frustration of COVID-19, it’s easier than every to feel that as an Asian American we are no longer accepted or welcomed in our own home country. Reflecting upon our interview with Nydia, her words assert strength and reject any idea that we as people of Asian descent are un-American.

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