Episode 14 – Storytelling: Why We Need Asian Podcasters with Jerry Won

Show Notes

On This Episode:

  • In the SituAsian Room, Emilie, and Zach welcome Jerry Won, the host of the Dear Asian Americans Podcast. Jerry is the founder of Just Like Media, which is home to many other Asian Podcasts as well as the Asian Podcast Network. Emilie and Zach talk to Jerry about the necessity of Asian storytelling, Asian Americans taking storytelling into their own hands, what it means to be a leader and mentor, Jerry’s college days, legacy, and more.

Introduction Topics:

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • Just Like Media’s and Asian Podcast Network’s mission of Asian Storytelling
  • Changing the denominator: why Asian American’s aren’t really a minority in the English podcasting space
  • Self-identity and its relationship with American storytelling
  • PBS Documentary: Asian Americans
  • The importance of storytelling and history: Why Asian Americans have to take storytelling into our own hands
  • The definition of leadership: authenticity
  • Why mentorship and leadership are relative
  • Jerry’s experience with University of Southern California Korean Students Association (mentorship, Vegas, “stupid stuff”, etc…)
  • Jerry answers the “What do you want people to talk about at your funeral?” question when discussing legacy. You’re going to want to hear this for yourself.

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