Episode 15 – Detour from Paradise: Understanding the Complexity of Hawaii with Dr. Kyle Kajihiro

Show Notes

On This Episode:

  • This week, Emilie and Zach welcome Dr. Kyle Kajihiro into the SituAsian Room. Dr. Kyle Kajihiro is a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, teaching courses in Ethnic Studies and Geography and Environment. He also is the founder of the Hawaii DeTours Project, which aims to teach people the true history of Hawaii and spread awareness of social justice issues from a decolonized perspective. Tune in to the conversation between Emilie, Zach, and Kyle about Hawaii’s culture, the history and what it’s become, his DeTours project, the social justice issues that Hawaiians face today, and more!

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • How Hawaii became a state as the first regime change.
  • DeTours of Hawaii to highlight the social justice issues
  • The contrast between typical tourist trips and Dr. Kajihiro’s DeTour
  • How the Pearl Harbor memorial hides the negative effect that American militarization has had on Native Hawaiians
  • The environmental damage from military bases
  • Militourism – how militarism and tourism support each other
  • The positive feedback loop between policies that depend on militarizing pacific islands and the perpetuation of war
  • The protests at Mauna Kea against the Thirty Meter Telescope
    • Asking how can science act in a more ethical way and how can we decolonize our understanding of what science is?
  • BLM and COVID racism in Hawaii – anti-blackness in Hawaii
  • Anti-Hawaii attitudes from white and Asian Americans.
  • The complexity of racism within the Asian American community
  • What is our “Kuliana”? – Privileges and Responsibilities

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Edited by Kyle Hudson

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