Episode 2: A Model Minority

Join Emilie and Zach in The SituAsian Room this week as they “Dish It Out” with some new Asian cuisines and welcome their first guest, Julia Lopez, into the SituAsian Room to discuss the Model Minority Myth. Tune in as they discuss the origins of the Model Minority Myth, how it impacts the Asian American Pacific Islander community in our society today, and share their own experiences with the Model Minority Myth.

Produced and Hosted by Emilie Villaverde and Zach Ng
Edited by Kyle Hudson
Music by Eway Sounds
A Crimson Planet Media Production
Distributed by KeystoneDigital.tv

Show Notes

On This Episode:

Welcome back to the SituAsian Room! For this episode, Emilie and Zach “Dish It Out” with some new cuisines, as well as discuss the Model Minority Myth with special guest, Julia Lopez! Tune in as they share their experiences of growing up with the model minority myth and how this has caused a greater impact on Asian American Pacific Islanders as a whole.

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • Dish It Out – Food Segment!
  • Introduction – Model Minority Myth with Julia Lopez
  • Model Minority Myth in History
  • Identity Crisis & Self-Internalization with the Model Minority Myth
  • Mental Health in the AAPI Community


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