Season 2, Episode 3: SIGH, GONE with Phuc Tran

Show Notes

On This Episode:

  • Emilie and Zach interview Phuc Tran, the author of SIGH, GONE: A Misfit’s Memoir about Great Books, Punk Rock, and the Fight to Fit In. Like his memoir, they dive into Phuc’s story growing up in the 80s in rural Pennsylvania as a Vietnamese refugee. Together, they discuss themes of identity, vulnerability, and the feeling of belonging.

Zach’s Thoughts on The Book:

This was our first book interview in the SituAsian Room and Emilie and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I, as someone who doesn’t read books for fun as much as he should, found Phuc’s memoir to be one of my favorite books. Phuc time travels back to Carlise, PA in the 80s through his words. Now I as someone who grew up in Pennsylvania found many moments of Phuc’s story relatable but I think almost anyone can relate to Phuc. The theme of fighting to fit in and finding your true authentic self as a young person is such a relatable experience to anyone no matter their identity and Phuc beautifully shares his story through these themes.

Want to hear more about Phuc and the memoir? Listen to our interview to find out!

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • Identity
  • Vulnerability
  • The feeling of belonging
  • Universal themes of literature
  • How the past doesn’t change but our perspectives do
  • Finding your authentic self

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